Importance Of Confirming The Dress Code For An Event Catering Staff

When one has an upcoming function, there are usually numerous details to take care of. In case the event is a wedding, the couple planning the function needs to get every detail right since they will not be in control on the material day. It thus means that the planning has to be extremely detailed to ensure nothing is left to chance.

The success of any event is highly dependent on the type of catering offered during the event. No matter how colorful the event is; if the guests are not satisfied with the catering, it will be the low point of the event that they will always remember. This means that the event organizers need to pay particular attention to the catering company.

Most event planners normally handle most of the tasks including the catering. It is for this reason that when choosing and event organizer, the strength of their catering unit needs to be the most important factor.

Tips for choosing a good catering company

Experience – It is easy for someone to be tempted to offer the event catering contract to a good family friend who has recently qualified from catering school. Such action may lead to disastrous consequences. The caterer of choice should be an experienced company that has the relevant experience catering for the number of invited guests. In addition, the catering company should be conversant with the special menu required for the function. If the In-laws are from a different culture and religion, the caterer should be in a position to make the type of food that these important guests will find acceptable.

Dress code of the catering staff – Under ordinary circumstances, people planning events do not remember to inquire about the color of the uniform to be worn by the catering staff. Anyone looking for caterers in Miami should note this point. In case the colors of the catering staff are too close to those worn by the bridal party, it may make them uncomfortable every time a guest confuses a member of the bridal party to a waitress. One should inquire about the colors of the staff uniform to make sure they blend in with the theme of the event.

References – If the couple or team planning the function do not have a preferred caterer, it is best to ask for referrals. One can never go wrong with referrals because they are likely to be introduced to a caterer who has the right experience for the task at hand.

Cost of catering – Whenever one is planning an event, the budget determines the type of services providers to go for. Before settling on one caterer, it is advisable to get at least three different quotes to get a good idea of the average market rates. It is instructive to note that price alone should not be the criteria for choosing a service provider. The caterer of choice should offer the best value for money.

Extras – In any event, there are a few extras that spice up the function. If for example the caterer includes some little take-away gifts for the guests such as neatly wrapped chocolate bars, the gifts will most certainly make a difference. Guests will be happy to receive something small to take back home for their children. A good caterer should offer some small extras as part of the package.

If the event organizers make use of the above tips, they are likely to have a smooth catering experience during the event.