Sukan Fantasi Brazil, Perundangan Esukan Mengambil Langkah Ke Hadapan

Sukan Fantasi Brazil, Perundangan Esukan Mengambil Langkah Ke Hadapan

Industri eSports adalah salah satu yang paling pesat berkembang, terutamanya sebagai komponen tambahan dalam ekosistem pertaruhan sukan. Terdapat minat yang sangat tinggi dalam aktiviti di Brazil, dan undang-undang baharu berharap Data SGP untuk menjelaskan peranan yang dimainkan dan sukan fantasi dalam ekonomi.

eGaming di Arena HyperX di Las Vegas
Pemain dan penonton menghadiri acara eGaming di HyperX Arena di Las Vegas. eSports terus berkembang secara global dan Dewan Timbalan Brazil meluluskan undang-undang minggu lepas yang akan membantu. (Imej: Las Vegas Review-Journal )
Dewan Timbalan Brazil meluluskan rangka kerja undang-undang minggu lepas untuk industri permainan elektronik dan fantasi. Matlamat perundangan adalah untuk mewujudkan parameter untuk permainan elektronik dan sukan fantasi.

This could pave the way for their inclusion in the larger sports ecosystem, possibly including sports betting and recognition as a sport. Currently, there is no federal law governing eSports and eSports athletes in Brazil. But the bill can push the topic in the right direction.

Changes Long Overdue
The Brazilian Association of Fantasy Sports (ABFS, for its Portuguese acronym) highlighted that the legislation is long overdue recognition of the sector. eSports activity generates taxes and jobs, and provides an annual turnover of almost R$70 million (US$13.3 million) in Brazil.

The legislation would allow professional eSports to follow the national and international standards adopted by the governing bodies of the sport. The initiative excludes games with content that is violent or of a sexual nature, or that spreads messages of hate or the use of drugs.

Initially, the text referred only to console and PC games, leaving aside the software available in applications that can be downloaded on mobile devices or that run off an online platform. As the discussion by legislators continued, they Togel SDY finally reached the conclusion that the bill fell short of providing the necessary oversight they expected.

Legislators also realized that, like traditional sports, eSports competitions can serve as a means of socialization and learning. Supporters in the Chamber of Deputies argued that eSports participation can help improve intellectual capacity and strengthen reasoning and motor skills.

Electronic games are today one of the fastest-growing segments of the entertainment industry. We are talking about generating employment and income with an industry of the present, since Brazil is the 13th market in the world,” said bill sponsor and Deputy Kim Kataguiri.

The approval will help lay the foundation for robust eSports and fantasy sports markets in Brazil. It could also lead to direct investments in the segment. Backers will likely feel more comfortable with legislation that supports them.

For Kataguiri, the project will guarantee the development of the gaming sector and generate jobs. He also anticipates that it will reduce crime, such as importation without paying taxes, and reduce the tax burden on the development of games.

Brazil Presidential Runoff This Weekend
The countdown to the runoff election to determine Brazil’s next president continues. The sitting president, Jair Bolsonaro, faces a tough opponent in Luiz Inácio da Silva, and could lose his place.

The two politicians were always the clear favorites to lead the country. The arrival of the runoff election was no surprise, as da Silva has continued to pressure Bolsonaro’s control. He led prior to the first election, and still does today.

The former president has been the front-runner to take over in several polls. Even on betting exchanges, he’s getting most of the support. Smarkets has him at 59.52%, compared to 42.37% for Bolsonaro.

Perubahan di Palácio da Alvorada, kediaman rasmi presiden Brazil, mungkin mempunyai implikasi kepada industri perjudian. Bolsonaro telah bertegas Hongkong Prize menentang hampir sebarang pengembangan, walaupun dia tahu pertaruhan sukan akan datang.

Sebaliknya, da Silva, walaupun tidak begitu menyokong, telah menunjukkan lebih fleksibiliti. Pilihan raya larian akan diadakan pada 30 Oktober, tepat pada masanya untuk Halloween.